Let me make this crystal💎clear… Quilting can result in one BIG piece of family History… and EVERYONE can contribute!

Who says SCRAPS are good for nothing???  When saved… and used in a constructive way…. They can end up being priceless jewels to create ONE fine treasured HEIRLOOM!!!

That’s right… a piece of Grand Dads favorite neck tie… Grandma’s wedding dress… a patch from that beautiful dress your mom wore to her very first formal… Even a patch from your very own skirt… or shirt!

Put all these pieces… and what could you get⁉️

❤️💛💜💚TA-DAAAA ‼️‼️💚💜💙

A beautiful QUILT!!!!! A SPLENDID CONVERSATION piece… that can be passed down in your family…. for years… and years… to come! 

Judi Wortham-Sauls
… made all these quilts featured in this blog!

Judi has been truly blessed with a wonderful gift of creative expression! 

💕💕It’s All in the Fabric!!! 💕💕

Judi has been making quilts for a little over 20 years… and says she was inspired by an Aunt… who taught her what to do…

Judi says she continues to learn… taking advanced classes.  She also teaches those eager to learn… in her own sessions… 

( See Judi’s business card above 👆🏽)

So how do you start to make a quilt???

A needle and thread are used to join two or more layers of material to make a quilt. 

You can do this by hand…or sewing machine. 

Simply pass the needle and thread through all layers of material.. and then bring the needle back up. 

The process is repeated across the entire area… while adding more pieces of fabric…

Scraps of any materials you can find… can be pieced together…. to make some very interesting designs! 

The brighter… the material…the better!!!

Rocking, straight or running stitches are commonly used to be functional or decorative…. 

Back in the old days… everything was practically done by hand… but ~NOW~ there are some expensive machines that can create very FANCY stitching designs…

Years ago…( and even in these modern times… 😉)

Women host “quilting bees” or quilting parties…where multiple people could work on one quilt… 

Back in the day…. these sessions were quite the social event! Important NEWS from around the area was shared… along with a bit of “gossip” as the women chatted freely… in a comfortable setting.


The community of women… would also come together to make quilts for wedding and baby shower gifts… house warmings…to bring comfort to those sick or ailing…and to make things more FESTIVE…for holidays!!!

Every stitch is carried through with precision …and a steady hand.. 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

**L❤️VE is in the DETAILS ❣️❣️**

Quilting creates extremely unique bed spreads, art quilt wall hangings, clothing, and a variety of textile products. 

The earliest known quilted garment is depicted on the carved ivory figure of a Pharaoh dating from the ancient Egyptian First Dynasty(~3400 BC)

Here’s another interesting fact: The earliest known surviving European bed quilt… is from late fourteenth century Sicily.  It was made of linen and padded with wool.

In American Colonial times, quilts were predominantly wholecloth quilts–-a single piece of fabric layered with batting and backing…held together with fine needlework quilting.

Quilt making was very common in the late 18th century…and early years of the 19th. Most women were busy spinning, weaving and sewing in order to clothe their families..,

In Africa…. It was customary in some villages for families of the BRIDE & GROOM to contribute material together… to make a quilt for the couples new home…

During the wedding ceremony…the quilt is placed around the shoulders of a couple… as a symbol of “UNITY” between the two families…

It’s a reminder to the couple… that they’ll ~ALWAYS~ be covered in warmth… and L❤️VE… from both families…. 

Quilts were also significant in the Underground Railroad…. 

They were hung outside homes…as a secret signal for “safe houses…”

—> Back to modern times.... 

Quilts have maintained a steady popularity for dazzling styles… and designs…in the “new millineum… ”

….but when you really get to the heart ❤️ of it all… It’s one of the most personal ways you can showcase your family history…and even frame it… to protect forever… and ever!

~Evette Dabney 

Evette Dabney, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions

http://www.sparkle-e.com 💎

Evette, is an EMMY nominated TV news talent…available for free-lance writing, hosting, theatrical roles, commercials, industrials and voice-over work. 

Let “Sparkle-E” 💎 promote YOU! Your BUSINESS, ORGANIZATION or SPECIAL EVENT…. in aggressive marketing efforts, and SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS!

A well known MARKETING INFLUENCER… Evette will make sure the consumer market takes NOTICE…. of what you have to offer!


Contact http://www.actorsaccess…(online) or phone message center included at http://www.sparkle-e.com 💎 or via e-mail, ceo.sparkle.e@gmail.com

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