Let me make this Crystal 💎 Clear….

Sparkle “E” likes to focus on what’s GOOD in the world of entertainment.  I like putting movies that are precious GEMS in the Spotlight to SHINE!

 With that said… I want you to keep an open mind as you read this blog… Keep in mind..*:*DIAMONDS*:* come in different shades of color… and ALL of them were formed after undergoing tremendous pressure…

Everybody is talking about the soon to be released film on Nina Simone… Unfortunately… A lot of the chatter has not been GOOD… putting a lot of pressure on the film’s star. 

 It’s almost like a dark shadow has been cast over the project… mainly for the DARK MAKEUP used on Zoe Saldana to pull off the part.  

The majority of the harsh criticism of Saldana’s role in this movie…also comes from the actress being cast over other black actress with darker skin.  

The decision to put darker make-up, and a few prosthetics on Zoe… has been compared by some as saying the actress was painted up in “black face.”  – wait a minute-Stereotypical…racist BLACKFACE?? seriously???  

Years ago… the Vaudeville circuit featured musical routines…by white actors… in black face..for entertainment. In live shows, and on film. It was done dispite the fact…that it was degrading… and considered an embarrassment to Black people. For years…skits were created to make fun of black people and black culture. 

Characters in these routines flaunted over exaggerate facial features…and pitch black makeup created from a burning of a cork process. It was always presented in a very negative way…making black people look ignorant or silly.

**Note: See the movie Bamboozeled… for a clear reference.**

Black people felt humiliated and ashamed of how they looked for a long time. Finally…that trend in entertainment was no longer well received, and vanished… -Now-the issue has resurfaced…in the making of the NEW film “Nina.” Question:  Since WHEN does using make up for one actor of color… to portray another actor of color become racist? It appears that tossing around racist claims has become so desensitized… that it’s being taken advantage of in cases where the comparison is WAY OVER THE TOP!  Slow your “roll”on this “role” people!  Don’t forget… Make-up and prosthetics are used ALL the time in Hollywood to make characters match detailed descriptions.

The goal is to create characters that are as close to the TRUTH… as possible. Black face actors in the past were supposed to look silly.. but in this case.. Skilled make up artists were given the task to recreate a musical legend in the most dignified way possible.  

Opportunities like this can show just how good a make up artist can be… and ultimately get them nominated for awards… Academy Awards.

The Wayans brothers went in white face to portray white girls… Skilled make up artists flawlessly did the work to make them look authentic.  

Eddie Murphy has used prosthetics to transform into all size chapters..with different facial features in the Klumps…The Nutty professor.. and Coming to America… 

He’s even used darker make-up to perfect some characters… There are lots of other examples to throw out there… but I think you get the picture.

There’s no need for so many hard core attacks against another actress of color..for this winning this opportunity… and putting on a little extra makeup to perfect her craft. 

Attacks like these do little to improve dire situations in the industry. Especially when there are so FEW lead roles available for minorities…and females in the first place. -So please…- Let’s NOT go there! Sure… There are TONS of Black Actresses that we could rattle off… who would be perfect for this role… and play this legendary soul singer to the hilt–the highest degree… but here’s the thing:

The company and producers PAYING for this project…chose Zoe Saldana for the part…because they believed in her talent.  Like it or not.. It’s done. The movie is set to debut in theatres… April 22, 2016. 

Zoe Saldana has PROVEN herself time and time again as an extremely talented actress…. so there’s no need to discredit her over a situation that’s unfortunately being “painted” in a negative light.

**Side note: ….and for the record… while some are claiming Zoe was painted up in “black face” for this part… It’s not the first time she’s had color painted on her face… to play a character….She’s already been in “green face” for one of the main characters in Guardians of the Galaxy! – throws up hands-  🙌🏽 “Hello Somebody!” 

According to Simone Kelly… Nina Simone’s only daughter…the backlash is being misdirected.

After Watching the new film trailer…I stopped in my tracks watching how Zoe magically transformed into a very CLOSE likeness to Nina Simone.  

I thought to myself… -Wow- …that’s pretty good.  I saw no trace of the person Zoe Saldana one bit! In just a few moments of watching the short video… It seems to me that she nailed it! 

One of the most difficult things for ANY actor to do… is portray a real person.. Sometimes family members approve… sometimes not.  There are highly sensitive feelings  connected with a loved one involved. 

Remember the trailer you just watched?  Now…Take a look at scenes from a documentary featuring the REAL Nina Simone…(Now on Netflix)…and see if you think Zoe captured the soul and essence of Nina…Take a look:

Soooo… What do you think? Are you enticed to see the movie now?? All of the negative publicity… and emotionally charged responses have definitely given this movie a lot of attention.  I think it should be supported… in order for more biographical features like it can be made.  

For the record, I’d also recommend that you watch the entire documentary on Nina Simone…on Netflix… It’s incredible! I learned so many things about this jazz and blues singer..🎤that I had never seen revealed.  

The documentary… entitled “What happened,Miss Simone?” ..by the way was nominated for an Academy Award this year…2016..and featured in the nominated category during the 88th #Oscars production..

After watching this documentary… You’ll see there are many more stories…that can highlighted from Nina Simone’s life.. to make great cinema.. and television. GOLDEN opportunities for other actresses of color.. to sink their teeth into roles…and give us more about the late Nina Simone.  

Compelling subject matter fuels the desire to create follow up material… which in turn leads to more projects and more jobs!  

It won’t be the first time multiple movies have been made about a singer..  but for now.. Zoe Saldana has put her heart and soul into the role.. and I think we should see what the end will be…  

Simone Kelly… the one and only child of Nina Simone..reportedly expressed no emotion or detailed opinion after watching the film trailer.  She was repeated as saying that the focus…on the relationship between Simone and her manager Clifton Henderson…(Selma star David Oyelowo)… is  “misrepresented.” 

It has widely been reported that Simone Kelly has “disavowed” the movie, saying her family was not consulted. The singer’s daughter claims her family is “not upset with Zoe.” She was simply quoted as saying she just didn’t think Zoe was the “proper choice, appearance-wise.”

Here’s what  Saldana told BET last summer: 

“An artist is colorless, genderless… It’s more complex than just ‘Oh, you chose the Halle Berry look-alike to play a dark, strikingly beautiful, iconic Black woman.’ The truth is, they chose an artist who was willing to sacrifice herself. We needed to tell her story because she deserves it.”

Again… Strong box office numbers will encourage film studios… and other investors to make more movies featuring musicians on a good note..🎧🎶

 Evette Dabney…is the CEO and owner of sparkle “E” Entertainment and promotions. She is a noted show host talent, correspondent, blogger, social media manager..and voice-over talent in Los Angeles, CA

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2 thoughts on “Let me make this Crystal 💎 Clear….

  1. Really enjoyed your critique and thoughts about this movie. I too have been so bothered by the public’s perception that you need to be a certain color to play a role in film. I will be looking for other critiques to follow and will continue to support other women seeking to broaden their careers by taking parts as challenging as this. Big Ups to Zoe Saldana. The hate is so REAL….


    1. I appreciate your feedback Drea J-Beard! Thanks for taking the time to express your feelings on this issue… I write about things in hopes of sharing valuable knowledge..Candid opinions and details..In addition to generating great conversation topics…and most of all POSITIVE CHANGE for what’s GOOD.


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